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9 Obtaining Iterate

Implementor's note: This chapter is very, very obsolete.

The information in this chapter is obsolete but included for completeness's sake; Currently, the most up-to-date information on iterate can be found at

iterate currently runs on Lisp Machines, and on HP's, Sun3's and Sparcstations under Lucid. iterate source and binaries are available at the MIT AI Lab in the subdirectories of /src/local/lisplib/. The source file, iterate.lisp, is also available for anonymous FTP in the directory /com/fpt/pub/ on the machine TRIX.AI.MIT.EDU (Internet number If you are unable to obtain iterate in one of these ways, send mail to and I will send you the source file.

iterate resides in the iterate package (nickname iter). Just say (use-package :iterate) to make all the necessary symbols available. If a symbol is not exported, it appears in this manual with an “iterate::” prefix.

Send bug reports to The info-iterate mailing list will have notices of changes and problems; to have yourself added, send mail to